“Manly Men”

This page is dedicated to an annual winter hike that Andy Anderson, Win Piper and I foolishly undertake each year. Andy and I roomed together in a Jones double in my sophomore year. Andy was in the class of 75 so he was a junior at the time. Neither of us ever lived with Win who entered Trinity the same year that I did but we still managed to find many common areas of interest and I for one am very happy that we’ve managed to stay in touch.

We usually descend on Win who lives in Hanover, NH and use his home as a base, driving into the White Mountains to reach the trailhead. We’ve done this almost every year for the past five years and each year there’s a new story to tell.

To hear the about this year’s (2009) hike, click here.

Here's a picture from our first hike in 2005.