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I recently stepped down after being chair of my department for nine years. So now in my spare time, I am the Assistant to the Provost for Student Learning Assessment. In this work, I help departments and programs develop their student learning assessment plans.

I serve on a lot of committees, maybe a few more because I have a different paint job than most everyone else.  My involvement with the community of color earned me the Matteo Ricci S.J. award for achievement in diversity in 1997.

In a small school and a small department with a lot of majors, we do a lot of advising.  I guess I do an OK job at that because in 2005 I was awarded the Bea Robinson Advisor of the Year award.  This work also won recognition from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) in the Faculty Academic Advising Category.  I received a Certificate of Merit.

Here's a picture of John Smarrelli, our Academic Vice President and Provost and me at the national conference in 2006.  John won the Pacesetter Award, a much more prestigious award because he was the only award winner in this category.  I, on the other hand, was one of many faculty to get a Certificate of Merit.

Here's the rest of the Le Moyne contingent.

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