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I am a sociologically-trained social psychologist.  I was a double major in both sociology and psychology as an undergraduate at Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut.  I continued this line of study in my graduate work at The University of Michigan by pursuing a Master's and then a Ph.D. in sociology with a concentration in sociological social psychology.  I went to a small school called Browne and Nichols (now Buckingham Browne and Nichols) before that and spent a year at Chung Chi College, one of the three colleges of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in between.  Listen to their school song!  If you can read Chinese, you can sing along!  :)  Just click on the link that has "mp3" embedded along with the chinese characters.

Because I'm a social psychologist, one of my favorite courses is Sociological Approaches to Social Psychology (SOC 401).  An applied version of this is Group Dynamics (SOC 403/MGT 451).  I developed this course as a result of some experiences I had with NTL (National Training Labs) Institute for Applied Behavioral Science

Other courses that I teach include Careers, Practice and Professional Computing for Sociology and Criminology (SOC/CJS 200), a required course for the curriculum in both sociology and criminology at Le Moyne.  It is for this course that I finally got around to finishing my webpages.  I also enjoy teaching Deviance (SOC/CJS 121).  Contrary to popular opinion, deviance is neither a course that requires experiential learning, not does it have a lab.  :)  I also teach this course on-line.  It's a little hard to give my students the cross-dressing experience in the on-line version of the course.

I have taught a number of other courses at Le Moyne over the years including Intro, Race and Ethnic Relations, Race/Class/Gender, Sociology of Oppression, Criminology, The Criminal Justice System, Juvenile Delinquency, Research Methods, Game Simulation and others.  Before coming to Le Moyne, I was a full-time, temporary instructor for three years at Central Michigan University where I taught Intro, Social Problems, Social Psychology, Deviance, Criminology, and Juvenile Delinquency.  Fire Up Chips!  (I still can't believe that was the school's slogan.)

A few years ago, our campus' department of information technology decided to go with a product called blackboard.  All of my classes are now "paperless".  You can view any of my courses by selecting the "preview" option at the blackboard login page.

See my course syllabi for this semester.

Careers, Practice and Professional Computing for Sociology and Criminology (SOC/CJS 200)

First-Year Advising (AVS 101)

Email me with questions you may have about my courses.

This page was last revised on October 8, 2008 .

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