Material for PHL 101 Philosophical Foundations of Western Thought

In-class writings, group work, and some related links

Notes & Information on extra-credit assignments(More recent notes occur earlier in list)

  • Some Descartes notes
  • Saadia ben Joseph Al-Fayyumi (892-942)
  • Some Aquinas Notes
  • Some notes on Anselm (1033-1109)
  • Some notes on St. Augustine
  • Some notes on some varieties of Judaism and Christianity
  • Sceptics and Stoics - Notes for class on Epictetus readings
  • Some notes on Epicurus (341-271 BCE)
  • Some introductory notes on Aristotle's ethics
  • Some More Notes on Aristotle's Metaphysics
  • Some notes on Aristotle's Metaphysics
  • Aristotle 1 - Some notes on the Categories and Physics
  • Some more notes on the Republic
  • Notes on Crito and Republic . . .

  • For the extra credit assignment comparing Dr. King's approach to that of Socrates in the Crito:
  • Letter from a Birmingham Jail [Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.]

  • For the extra-credit comparing the role of face in the movie The 47 Ronin to that in Socrates' Athens, the film is available on DVD and VHS from some of the major on-line vendors; if you find it in a local video rental store, please let me know which one by leaving a message at 4489, or by email to Email:
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