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Capital Punishment

XVI Is Capital Punishment ever right? Wellman,Chapter  11
A. Arguments for capital punishment

1. Prevention
2. Deterrence
3. Retribution
4. Self-defense
5. Fulfilling a duty

B. Arguments against capital punishment

1. The moral law (usually conceived as divine moral law or self-evident truth)
2. Monstrous harm
3. Unnecessary evil
4. Irremediability
5. Corrupting influence

C. Criticisms of some arguments:

1. The moral law
a) The moral law via scriptures-some traditional difficulties (contextual, higher, philosophical criticism)
b) The moral law via intuition-if rational persons disagree can there be a self- evident principle (discuss problems of intuitionism and multiple systems)
2. Deterrence
a) the problem of reform
b) the problem with the statistics
c) who deterred [the dilemma]

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