Lying, Metaphors,and Harassment: Group Work on Elgin for InformalLogic

Divide into small groups. Discuss and prepare a written summary of your group's responses to the following questions. Make sure every member of your group has a copy of the summary before you turn in a copy of the summar ywith every group member's name on it, and with the name of the recorder.

1. Review Elgin's discussion of general cultural gender differences with respect to "lying." Develop examples based on your own experience(changing names to protect anonymity) and explain how they relate to herclaims.

2. Briefly summarize Elgin's presentation of the metaphorical World as Schoolroom and World as Football Game.

3. Describe someone (protect anonymity) you know who consistently violateslanguage traffic rules. What effects do you think this has on their interactionswith others, and their ability to persuade or convince?

4. What is sexual harassment? How can one avoid committing it, according to Elgin?

5. If people on this campus experience sexual harassment, what are their options? If you know of any people (protect anonymity in your answer) )who has been harassed, which options have they chosen? Does your response to the first question (1., above) have anything to do with your response to this question? Explain.

Michael Kagan
Le Moyne College
November 15, 2001