Theresa L. White, Ph.D.


Professor and Associate Chair 2017-2018                                           Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Psychology                                                                    Department of Neuroscience and Physiology

Le Moyne College                                                                                   SUNY Upstate Medical University

1419 Salt Springs Rd.                                                                               750 East Adams St.

Syracuse, NY 13214                                                                                 Syracuse, NY 13210

(315) 445-4340                                                                     






Research Interests

My primary research interests are in the areas of learning, memory, and sensory psychology.  Most of my previous research has been in the psychophysical study of human chemosensation (the senses of smell and taste) and cognition.  I have also been involved in neuropsychological and psychophysical studies that sometimes involve animals.  I am currently involved in several projects, including one that concerns the scholarship of learning and another that explores neuropsychological function in people with Parkinson’s disease. 



Opportunities for Students

I bring research expertise into the classroom by teaching a number of undergraduate courses, including Research Methods and Brain and Behavior.  I also teach Sensation and Perception, which now has a short-term study abroad component that will involve studying in Paris in Spring 2018!  Click here for a fact sheet on this new and exciting course, and here for an application to take the course!


In addition to interacting with undergraduates in the classroom, students are often involved in my research projects as research assistants; some even develop their own research projects.   If you are an LMC student who is interested in working in my lab, click here for an application!


Alternatively, if you are interested in a summer research project in Neuroscience or other Biomedical sciences, you may want to consider the D-SURF program at UPSTATE.  Click here for an application!




Recent Publications

If you would like access to my full Curriculum Vitae, click here


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