Fred Glennon, Ph.D. (Courses)
Professor (RH 216)
Department of Religious Studies
Le Moyne College
Syracuse, New York 13214

REL 336

Summer 2017  (online) Presentation/Reading Schedule


Date/Class Topics

Presentation and Reading Assignments

Date:  7/10-11


·         The Learning Covenant




·         Fred Glennon, "Promoting Freedom, Responsibility, and Learning in a Religious Studies Course:  The Learning Covenant a Decade Later (on Canvas)

·         Read Syllabus and Learning Covenant materials on Canvas

Week 1:  Module 2 

The Nature of Religion nd Religious Social Ethics

Dates:  7/12-16




·         The Nature of Religion

·         The Nature of Religious Social Ethics

·         Elements of a Social Ethic

·         Jonathan Haidt, On the Moral Mind (TED talk)

·         Moral Reasoning and Argument



  • Gudorf, Comparative Religious Ethics, chapter 1 (15-39)
  • Glennon, "Ethical Action," from Introduction to the Study of Religion, 123-168 (on Canvas)
  • Gustafson, "Can Ethics Be Christian" (on Canvas)
  • Keown, "Buddhist Morality" (on Canvas)
  • Weston, "How to Write an Ethics Paper" (on Canvas)


Week 2:  Module 3

Sexuality, Gender, Marriage, Family, Reproduction, and Abortion

Dates:  7/17-23


·         The Nature of Human Sexuality

·         The Morality of Sexual Variations

·         Marriage and Family

·         Contraception and Abortion in the World’s Religions




Sex, Marriage, and Family

  • Gudorf, Comparative Religious Ethics, (15-39)
  • Maguire, “Sex and the Sacred” (on Canvas)
  • Wiggins, “Buddhist Sexual Ethics” (on Canvas)

Contraception, Reproduction, and Abortion

  • Sacred Choices, Catholic View Ch_3 (on Canvas)
  • Sacred Choices, Protestant View, Ch_10 (on Canvas)
  • Sacred Choices Buddhist View, Ch_5 (on Canvas)


Week 3:  Module 4

Violence and Heath Care Issues

Dates:  7/24-30



·         Anger and Violence

·         Violence Against Women

·         Death Penalty and Restorative Justice

·         Just War

·         Nonviolence and Pacifism

·         Health Care

·         Stem Cells

·         Euthanasia





  • Gudorf"Religions on Anger and Violence," in Comparative Religious Ethics, chapter 7 (185-210)
  • Brown, “Clarifying Our Terms” (on Canvas)
  • Loy, “How to Reform a Serial Killer” (on Canvas)

Health Care

Week 4:  Module 5

Justice, the Economy, and the Environment

Dates:  7/31-8/6



  • Justice
  • Poverty
  • Markets and Economic Globalization
  • Vocation and Work



  • Lebacqz, “Reign_0f_Injustice” (on Canvas)

Global Economy and Work

  • Gudorf, "Religions on Making Work Human," in Comparative Religious Ethics, chapter 3 (67-96).
  • Gudorf, "Religions on Charity and Beggars," in Comparative Religious Ethics, chapter 8 (211-230).
  • Loy, “ Religion of the Market” (on Canvas)


Week 5:  Module 6

A Global Ethic

Dates:  8/7-10




·         Karen Armstrong: My wish: The Charter for Compassion (Links to an external site.)

·         Karen Armstrong: Let's revive the Golden Rule (Links to an external site.)


·         Armstrong, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life